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Rhino XL



A blend of dynamism and sophistication sets New Rhino XL apart in any environment. Better utility, better comfort and better versatility make this the exciting new ute of choice.

A new, more powerful engine, dynamic styling and better fuel efficiency are all yours with this all-new ute from SsangYong.

The Rhino XL has been built for maximum value and utility, in the way that pickup trucks were originally intended to be designed.

VehicleStarting at
  • Petrol 2.0, 2WD, 6 Spd Manual
  • Petrol 2.0, 2WD, 6 Spd Auto
  • Sport Diesel 2.2, 4WD, 6 Spd Manual
  • Sport Diesel 2.2, 4WD, 6 Spd Auto
  • SPR Diesel 2.2, 4WD, 6 Spd Auto

*All vehicle prices are exclusive of GST and on road costs (ORC) of $1,150.00, which include 12 months registration, full tank of fuel and 2,000 km's road user's charges on all diesel vehicles. Subject to stock availability.



The Rhino XL is powered by a powerful 2.2L diesel engine. Normally the vehicle runs in rear-wheel drive, which enhances handling stability by optimising weight distribution, but the driver is free to select one of two four-wheel drive modes as needed. The Rexton can tow loads of up to 3.5 tons, the highest for this class of Utility Vehicle. Also available is our Rhino XL Petrol model with a smooth 2.0L petrol turbo engine in 2WD only. With a 2.8 ton tow capacity, this is also a great choice to have. This ute was made for New Zealand.




The Rhino XL comes equipped with six airbags, including curtain airbags. The electronic stability programme monitors road conditions and vehicular status constantly, adjusting engine output and braking whenever the driver is about to lose control. The new Rhino XL also comes with a locking differential system to provide better traction on steep and slippery gradients, and to increase towing performance.




The ergonomic seats ensure a comfortable fit for the users, helping to reduce fatigue on long trips. Handy pockets are built into the doors front and rear to keep maps, water bottles and other essentials within easy reach.

A grip has been installed on the B pillar to assist passengers in back. In front, the center console is equipped with a USB port, power outlet, and pair of cupholders, and cup-holders are also place in the second row.



Driving the Rhino XL is fun and easy. The tilt and telescopic steering wheel adjusts easily. Remote control and cruise control switches are mounted on the steering wheel for instant access..

PROVIDING A FULL VIEW OF THE ENVIRONMENT OUTSIDE - Four cameras have been mounted on the outside to provide a real-world view of the area on all sides of the vehicle, making low-speed driving or parking safer and easier.

THE LATEST INFOTAINMENT - The infotainment system comes a high-definition touchscreen, which supports Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto. System features also include radio and MP3 player functions, real-time broadcast recording, and USB port.

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